About us

Venice Exhibition was founded in 2015 by the will of the Managing Director Mauro Rigoni who always took care of organizing exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad. Well-structured company and included in the trade fairs, with operational headquarters in Jesolo (VE), it organizes and manages its events directly, thanks to the strong experience in the field of promotion and marketing throughout the country and abroad. Specialized in the selection of impactful exhibitions, Venice Exhibition takes care of following all the logistical-operational phases for the realization of important and successful projects, from installation to on-site management.
Palazzo Zaguri
Permanent Exhibition Venice

Mission and Projects

The company’s main objective is to become a national leader in the organization and management of touring exhibitions at its own facilities, but also in new operating locations. Our mission is to select and acquire new permanent venues in Italy and abroad to propose several high-level cultural, scientific and entertainment exhibitions, selected from the international scene but also self-produced. In the years this company was also specialized in managing marketing campaigns for third party exhibitions across the country. Venice Exhibition, in fact can boast the management of important structures such as the prestigious Zaguri Palace in Venice, in the renowned Campo San Maurizio near from Piazza San Marco and “Spazio Aquileia” in Jesolo Lido.